Artist assistant for Christiaan Bastiaans:
Christiaan Bastiaans was working on his coming exhibition that came out in May 2023. I helped him for a few times during the previous months to sew, repair, or built.   
Les Grandes Personnes: 
During the summer 2022, I worked as an intern at a compagnie known for making giants puppets and other sculptures and shows. They are called "Les Grandes Personnes" and they are based in "La Villa Mais d'ici" in Aubervilliers.  During 3 months, I learned by observing and making, with others or on my own. The internship ended on this huge show: "Le Grand Banquet", that took place in Paris. The show was about food, and how food brings people together. I worked on costumes, elements of scenography and much more... I could even play the role of a Sausage! This experience gave me technical and creative resources but also human resources. Working with a large group of people has taught me to find my place, to be efficient and autonomous while communicating. 
Focus Cameroun with Les Géants du Mboa. Theatre de la Ville, Paris. 
Mambo Jumbo. Tremblay-en-France.
Le Grand Banquait des Géants. Square de la Roquette, Paris.